Friday, July 3, 2009

Notepad HTML Exam

Hello Friends ...
We all know that on Tuesday we will be conducting the matrikulasi exam.
The exam includes the exam practice  (to modify the web with HTML) and exam theory.
My blog is to provide practice exam materials.
You can download the file in notepad format through this blog.
I hope after you get this material, you can learn better
and can maximum modify the web with a  HTML code..

Download “Index HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Top HTML code”….. Click here….

Download “Mukadimah HTML code”….. Click here……

DownloadIsi HTML code”…..Click here……

Download “Gallery HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Menu HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Biodata HTML code”….. Click here……

Monday, June 15, 2009

AVG Antivirus Free Download

This is an antivirus program that has full facilities, providing all the needs for antivirus programs. This program can scanning incoming email, including attachments, boot scanning and updates virus definition automatically. With a simple feature, you can choose one of 3 tests, the complete test, the removable media test, and a quick test.

Antivirus made by Grisoft increasingly popular and now provide the latest version. If you who have installed AVG Free Edition is sure to get the information automatically. However, don’t worry because Grisoft offers a free version, although they also provide the professional version. This antivirus is most widely used and downloaded by the majority of computer users in the world. Freeware license in the AVG makes many people happy to use it. In addition, to the computer user who doesn’t connect to the Internet can download the database files on the site.

The other advantages from AVG is not take much memory resources and computer processor. So that, computer users with a low specification not be worried to use it. One of the weaknesses AVG is the low detection capabilities of the new virus, the virus both local and foreign virus. AVG Antivirus is very good to protect your computer.


Free Download New AVG Antivirus……. Click here..!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

PCMAV 2.0c Update

PCMAV is a great antivirus from Indonesia. That antivirus  produced by PC Media team (PC Media is a the biggest computer magazine in Indonesia..


PCMAV is different with another antivirus. This antivirus completed by m,any database and a local cleaning virus 51 /
foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2771
virus and its variant, including variants virus Conficker that a sophisticated, that many circulating in Indonesia is well known in this version 2.0c.

I recommended PCMAV to installed in your computer..

Download PCMAV RTP………….

Download PCMAV CLN………….

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blue Ray and FM Disc will Shift CD/DVD

Blue Ray Disc

Everyone has know what’s CD (compact disc) and DVD (double layer video disc). Data storage media which disk form usually used to record file in any formats.. If during this time we are familiar with the Compact Disc (CD) and Double Layer Video Disc (DVD), so now we are faced with two of the latest technology from both media.

I am sure that Blue Ray Disc (BRD) will replace CD and DVD function. CD just save data up to 600-700 MB and DVD just 17.5 GB, therefore BRD capacity is greater than CD/DVD. The BRD capacity is 50 GB..!!!

Blue Ray Decoder Card and Box

Blue Ray technology use blue laser with wavelength 405 nm, while CD and DVD use a red laser, with wavelength 780 nm for CD, and 635-650 nm for DVD. Blue Ray uses 1 to 2 layers each his disc, which each layer able to accommodate 25 GB of data, so that the maximum capacity is 50 GB. On the CD has only one layer are only able to save 650-700 MB of data, while the DVD has 2 layers. Blue Ray has access speed 36 MB/s, faster than a CD that is only 1.2 MB/s and DVD with 11 MB s. Blue Ray technology has been implemented on the Sony Playstation 3, for use on the PC, the disc and his playera sold separately


FM Disc

Have not familiar with the Blue Ray now we have been given a new choice for media storage, the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FM Disc). This technology was initially developed by Constellation 3D, a company from U.S. who have laboratory in Israel and Russia.

FM Disc is result development from invention organic matter that is called "stable photocrome", a material when exposed to laser rays can emit light Fluoroscent.

FM (FM Disc)

One fundamental difference is when the CD and DVD surface scratches, the data will be difficult to read, whereas in FM Disc things do not happen. The contents will remain legible despite surface scratches or dirty. Due to the nature of light on the FM Disc is incoherent with the different CD and DVD that is coherent.

In terms of form, FM Disc has the form of CD, DVD and Blue Ray Disc (BSD), but transparent, not like there is a shiny layer of the previous generation. FM Disc has more layers, the capacity of 50 GB to 12 layers with the required speed of access is very fast to reach 1 GB / s.

For the initial stage, FM Disc technology is still using the red laser that is only able to accommodate approximately 140 GB of data. And for the next stage will use a blue laser with wavelength 480 nm, with the capacity to reach 10 TB (Terra Bytes). Capacity is indeed a very unusual large.

The presence of this new technology (Blue Ray Disc and FM) will shift technology (CD and DVD) that already exists. This will require a long process, we can only see up to now there is still use the floppy. But at least we now have many options in choosing media that we need.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft's New Browser.

Microsoft has launched their new browser, Internet Explorer 8 .. Next generation of Internet Explorer 7 have a more sophisticated features of the previous. IE 8 has various experienced. This is reasonable because there is always a bad image on the stick to IE previous generation. IE version has many security holes that are easily penetrated by the hackers. 

Some of the new features brought by IE 8 is the most important security features. In addition, the development of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Ajax (Asynchoronous Java Script and XML) is also a main focus which was developed in IE 8. That there are other features in IE 8 is Accelerators, Web Slices, Favorites Bar, and security features like In Private privacy and Smart Screen phishing filter. 

IE 8 is installed in a condition which requires that online you have a stable internet connection. The installation a little complicated because there are some updates that you must first download when you install this browser. This browser does not require that you have Windows is genuine, in the sense of the word no longer checks the authenticity of your Windows such as that occurred in previous IE 7 browser .. 

Are you interested in the latest Microsoft browser to try this?

Download Internet Explorer 8 here.

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