Friday, July 3, 2009

Notepad HTML Exam

Hello Friends ...
We all know that on Tuesday we will be conducting the matrikulasi exam.
The exam includes the exam practice  (to modify the web with HTML) and exam theory.
My blog is to provide practice exam materials.
You can download the file in notepad format through this blog.
I hope after you get this material, you can learn better
and can maximum modify the web with a  HTML code..

Download “Index HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Top HTML code”….. Click here….

Download “Mukadimah HTML code”….. Click here……

DownloadIsi HTML code”…..Click here……

Download “Gallery HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Menu HTML code”….. Click here……

Download “Biodata HTML code”….. Click here……

Monday, June 15, 2009

AVG Antivirus Free Download

This is an antivirus program that has full facilities, providing all the needs for antivirus programs. This program can scanning incoming email, including attachments, boot scanning and updates virus definition automatically. With a simple feature, you can choose one of 3 tests, the complete test, the removable media test, and a quick test.

Antivirus made by Grisoft increasingly popular and now provide the latest version. If you who have installed AVG Free Edition is sure to get the information automatically. However, don’t worry because Grisoft offers a free version, although they also provide the professional version. This antivirus is most widely used and downloaded by the majority of computer users in the world. Freeware license in the AVG makes many people happy to use it. In addition, to the computer user who doesn’t connect to the Internet can download the database files on the site.

The other advantages from AVG is not take much memory resources and computer processor. So that, computer users with a low specification not be worried to use it. One of the weaknesses AVG is the low detection capabilities of the new virus, the virus both local and foreign virus. AVG Antivirus is very good to protect your computer.


Free Download New AVG Antivirus……. Click here..!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

PCMAV 2.0c Update

PCMAV is a great antivirus from Indonesia. That antivirus  produced by PC Media team (PC Media is a the biggest computer magazine in Indonesia..


PCMAV is different with another antivirus. This antivirus completed by m,any database and a local cleaning virus 51 /
foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2771
virus and its variant, including variants virus Conficker that a sophisticated, that many circulating in Indonesia is well known in this version 2.0c.

I recommended PCMAV to installed in your computer..

Download PCMAV RTP………….

Download PCMAV CLN………….

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blue Ray and FM Disc will Shift CD/DVD

Blue Ray Disc

Everyone has know what’s CD (compact disc) and DVD (double layer video disc). Data storage media which disk form usually used to record file in any formats.. If during this time we are familiar with the Compact Disc (CD) and Double Layer Video Disc (DVD), so now we are faced with two of the latest technology from both media.

I am sure that Blue Ray Disc (BRD) will replace CD and DVD function. CD just save data up to 600-700 MB and DVD just 17.5 GB, therefore BRD capacity is greater than CD/DVD. The BRD capacity is 50 GB..!!!

Blue Ray Decoder Card and Box

Blue Ray technology use blue laser with wavelength 405 nm, while CD and DVD use a red laser, with wavelength 780 nm for CD, and 635-650 nm for DVD. Blue Ray uses 1 to 2 layers each his disc, which each layer able to accommodate 25 GB of data, so that the maximum capacity is 50 GB. On the CD has only one layer are only able to save 650-700 MB of data, while the DVD has 2 layers. Blue Ray has access speed 36 MB/s, faster than a CD that is only 1.2 MB/s and DVD with 11 MB s. Blue Ray technology has been implemented on the Sony Playstation 3, for use on the PC, the disc and his playera sold separately


FM Disc

Have not familiar with the Blue Ray now we have been given a new choice for media storage, the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FM Disc). This technology was initially developed by Constellation 3D, a company from U.S. who have laboratory in Israel and Russia.

FM Disc is result development from invention organic matter that is called "stable photocrome", a material when exposed to laser rays can emit light Fluoroscent.

FM (FM Disc)

One fundamental difference is when the CD and DVD surface scratches, the data will be difficult to read, whereas in FM Disc things do not happen. The contents will remain legible despite surface scratches or dirty. Due to the nature of light on the FM Disc is incoherent with the different CD and DVD that is coherent.

In terms of form, FM Disc has the form of CD, DVD and Blue Ray Disc (BSD), but transparent, not like there is a shiny layer of the previous generation. FM Disc has more layers, the capacity of 50 GB to 12 layers with the required speed of access is very fast to reach 1 GB / s.

For the initial stage, FM Disc technology is still using the red laser that is only able to accommodate approximately 140 GB of data. And for the next stage will use a blue laser with wavelength 480 nm, with the capacity to reach 10 TB (Terra Bytes). Capacity is indeed a very unusual large.

The presence of this new technology (Blue Ray Disc and FM) will shift technology (CD and DVD) that already exists. This will require a long process, we can only see up to now there is still use the floppy. But at least we now have many options in choosing media that we need.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft's New Browser.

Microsoft has launched their new browser, Internet Explorer 8 .. Next generation of Internet Explorer 7 have a more sophisticated features of the previous. IE 8 has various experienced. This is reasonable because there is always a bad image on the stick to IE previous generation. IE version has many security holes that are easily penetrated by the hackers. 

Some of the new features brought by IE 8 is the most important security features. In addition, the development of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Ajax (Asynchoronous Java Script and XML) is also a main focus which was developed in IE 8. That there are other features in IE 8 is Accelerators, Web Slices, Favorites Bar, and security features like In Private privacy and Smart Screen phishing filter. 

IE 8 is installed in a condition which requires that online you have a stable internet connection. The installation a little complicated because there are some updates that you must first download when you install this browser. This browser does not require that you have Windows is genuine, in the sense of the word no longer checks the authenticity of your Windows such as that occurred in previous IE 7 browser .. 

Are you interested in the latest Microsoft browser to try this?

Download Internet Explorer 8 here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Browser from the giant Search Engine, Google Chrome

Fierce competition from famous browsers stopped some time ago. This is because the born of a new competitor in the browser, it’s Google Chrome. Who didn’t know Google? The giant search engine in the internet browser is issued a new pledge that they add exciting browser competition.

This browser must be installed using the internet connection because the file size of installation only requires 600 KB needs another files download that are required directly from the Google site. Indeed, just take a wait to download the file if your internet connection is just dial-up only. Overall the installation of Google Chrome is not confusing , just wait for the download problems that sometimes make us not calm.

Google Chrome be calculated quickly to open a site in full. This is caused by a powerful V8 engine, javascript six times faster. The necessary energy is taken from Google's V8 Javascript Engine that was developed and optimized for speed with a certain trick. 

In addition, the Chrome is genius programmed. When browser write the data to hard disk (for instance in the cache), the browser will make the process itself. In this way, a slow hard disk will not affect the speed of Google Chrome browser. 

Download Google Chrome ... .. 

Opera 9.6.4 .. Alternative Perfect Browser

The latest version Opera is Opera 9.6.4. This browser has a way of installation is quite easy. There is no difficulty that will be experienced when we perform the installation on this browser. Besides that, you don’t need internet connection as needed on the Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome at the time of installation.

Opera 9.6.4 is very easy to use by all people. The browser display will not make us bored when surfing the internet. Another ability in Opera 9.6.4 at save the cache is quite good. If you want to open a website for the second time or more, the website will be open more quickly with the help of the cache that has been saved. 

To open another site, we do not need to open a new window. We just click "add tab" on the right side of the site before we open .. To open a site ( fully be calculated fast enough, that is it only takes 11.86 seconds. 

Opera 9.6.4 browser is a browser-perfect among the other popular browsers. 

You can download Opera 9.6.4 ... ... 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Firefox 3.0.8 .. New Generation from Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox is known as the installation and operation of a relatively easy (can be installed in offline). Besides that the security feature is also a major focus for this browser. Therefore, no wonder if then Mozilla Firefox is scrape domination from Internet Explorer 

Besides that, Mozilla Corp.. improve two critical crevice in Firefox, including those found by a German student. Firefox 3.0.8 was released a few days faster than previous estimates. The biggest rival of Internet Explorer to do this various completion , especially in the security. Firefox 3.0.8 is considered more perfect from the previous generation. 

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 ..... 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Download Norton Internet Security 2009 and Crack

Symantec has been released newest product, Norton Internet Security 2009 that created a new industry standard in terms of speed and performance. Norton 2009 family is designed with the goal of producing "zero impact" on performance, supported by more than 300 improvements that cover all aspects of products, from the scanning engines to the application interface. 

Increased speed and performance of the Norton Internet Security 2009 is one of them because supported Norton Insight technology, which cut the time of scanning with the scan on the target files that are at risk. 

Other security features are speed periodically update the file and automatically every 5 to 15 minutes to detect and destroy the new threat. 

Various improvisation added another feature that is identity theft prevention identity security so that when you scour the internet guaranteed. Home network, using either cable or wireless also get the maximum protection of Norton Internet Security 2009.  

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Facebook Is Sacred?

Growing internet world. Many social networking sites that grow like mushrooms in the rainy season. After the last few years, the site appears Friendster, Friendster at this time also has a strong competitor from the Facebook site. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004, students from Havard University (USA) and at this time Facebook has been growing rapidly around the world. Facebook in great demand, because there are many network Facebook is set based on the city, the location of work, school, and the State. Terrible, on average each user has at least 120 Facebook friends.

However, at the high popularity there are certain things that hinder. There are newspapers that mention that Facebook is unlawful. For me it is not true. The use of technology, especially Facebook is not unlawful. This is depending on each person who uses it. This is to be forbidden if Facebook used for things that do not correct for example, to distribute pornographic images, transactional sex, etc. But Facebook is not the main purpose of the case. We have to use Facebook in accordance with the main goal is to expand social networks without time and space is limited. We can communicate smoothly to anybody anywhere in the world. In addition, we also can build relationships in the business and develop our business through Facebook.

So, if Facebook iti haram? That all depends on the people who use them. Facebook unlawful when used oeh the wrong people, and Facebook is not forbidden when used in accordance with its function.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Increasing Website Traffic

If you have a website and your traffic is still low, this ebook is worth your reading. Includes ways that are described in detail, simple, complete and increase traffic to your website. You interested ...?

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How to Get Rank in Google Search Engine

I have a ebook that discusses How to Get Rank in the popular search engine, Google. Ebook with PDF format of this essay, Dan Sisson.

Contains a chapter 14 which consists of 112 pages which is very useful for who want to increase your rank in Google. Please download and practice with the contents of this book, I believe you rank in the Search Engine can be picked up.

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Understanding of money from Google, Adsense

Adsense is an extension of the AdWords program, which functions as the
media follow up with the advertising system for the results, the opportunity for
member web sites or blogs to place Adsense ads with the reward-per-click
commission on every ad that is displayed on the site's members. With this
pattern, creating opportunities for google to anyone who took part in a
profitable business.

Then as a member you will get the Adsense code special Javascript. You only copy and paste the code in the HTML code of your blog. The code will be display ads directly from the google server and placed in the position you have set previously.

When the visitor clicks on an ad, Google will automatically bill payments to advertisers. Google will then take part for the cost of the ad and the rest will be given to you. Percentage; for the ad costs an average of 32%, then you will get 68% of the price of an ad.

Maybe you had to think, why not just click your own ads on the blog for the day we get a lot of money? Do not ever try and do this is because google already anticipate and know if there is a member of the illegal action. Member is likely to be excluded from the Adsense program forever.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Things to Do as Soon as You Purchase a New Computer

Have you just purchased a new desktop or laptop computer? Congratulations, and hopefully you will get plenty of use out of your new machine, whether it is for business, finance, research, multimedia, or purely entertainment (or a little of all the above).

But wait - don’t open the boxes, plug in the cords, and try to start surfing the Internet just yet! Take a few minutes and follow these 5 steps that can help increase your computer security and possibly remove some potential headaches down the road.

1. Emergency Disks

Some computers come packaged with CDs or DVDs you can use to reinstall the operating system and preinstalled software in case something goes wrong, such as a hard drive hiccup, malware infestation, or an itchy trigger finger that loves pressing the ‘Del’ key. If such discs are included, place them in a safe place and make copies once the computer is set up.
If these did not come with your computer, read its manual for instructions on how to create them, if possible. Do so ASAP - before you go online, install new software, uninstall software that came prepackaged but you do not need, etc. Better yet, make a second copy of these disks for safe keeping.

2. Install Security Software
Before connecting to the Internet, either via a wired or Wi-Fi connection, make sure you have a working firewall and antivirus software at a BARE minimum; surfing without such programs can open your computer up to all types of nasty malware. If your operating system has a built-in firewall, turn this on if nothing else is available, but do consider downloading a replacement.
If you have another computer, use it to download a firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware applications. Either burn a CD/DVD or use a USB flash drive to copy them to the new machine. Install this software before you ever connect to the Internet to reduce the chances of problems. Once you are online, immediately download updates as needed.
Note that if your computer comes with security software, you may need to remove these packages first if you decide to install alternatives (see below).

3. Uninstall Software
Go through the list of installed software through the computer’s “Add/Remove Programs”, “Uninstall or change a program”, or similar tool (check the Control Panel). Remove any preinstalled “bloatware”, software you may not need such as trial games, photo applications you may never use, website toolbars, links to Internet Service Providers you will never access (especially if you already have one), etc. Do keep the installed security software unless you are offline and ready to install different applications.

4. Consider a New Web Browser
When you go online, you are not stuck with your operating system’s default web browser if you want to surf the web. There are plenty of alternatives available such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome, and using another web browser may increase your overall security.
Even if you install a new web browser, be sure to keep the one that came with your operating system up-to-date to help prevent malware from attacking your system via an exploit.

5. Update All Software
Speaking of doing software updates, after going online but before browsing the web, immediately update your operating system (including the built-in web browser). Check for updates to document readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and any installed multimedia players. Plus, look for updates to installed browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java, QuickTime, and RealPlayer. Exploits can potentially be found in any software installed on your system; keeping everything up-to-date helps reduce the risk of your computer getting infected by malware.
While you may immediately be ready to unpack and use your new computer, following these five steps will help increase your security when going online. Create or find emergency recovery discs and store them in a safe place in case ’stuff’ happens. Install security software such as firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware applications before you connect to the Internet. Remove unneeded “bloatware” and consider installing an alternate web browser. Finally, before general web surfing or other activities, ensure your operating system and all installed software are up-to-date. By performing these steps, you can start your computer off right, blocking malware and operating well for hopefully years to come.

Keep Your System As Clean As A Whistle With Adware Remover

There are many adwares that your computer can acquire while surfing the net. If you try to look for one, you will be presented with a lot of choices. But then, the varying kinds all have varying functions and features. If you do not have a basic idea about what you want, you will be facing a dilemma. This dilemma will only be solved once you already know what type of adware you want removed out of your system.If you base on the titles alone, you will have a definite idea about what their focus is about. If it says something about firewall, then you know that it will serve as the filter when you constantly browse through numerous websites.

On the other hand, if it is about privacy and guard, it is primarily about protecting the important files and data that is inside your computer. This is why it is still advisable to look up the over all description that is inherent in each adware remover. Why do you need adware remover?Pests are not only available in household. There are also pests that can be found on computers. These pests are way different from viruses. One difference is that “computer pests” can cause your computer to malfunction and show some unusual behaviors. And unlike viruses, there can replicate, hide and scatter to all your files in an instant. All the while, you are the unknowing victim of something that could have been avoided immediately.

Firewalls in your computer are effective tools. Most computers have them already. But it is really not an option when you want an adware to be detected and stopped.The only thing that firewalls are good at is to filter those sites that you consider are of unworthy sources. Once you have the lists inputted into your system, the usual flow of information from the Internet will be blocked even before you they have the opportunity to load. Even if you have blocks and firewalls, you can expect adware to infiltrate into your system. Take note that these things are clever enough to hide themselves into files or folders that seem harmless. The usual remover will not see them coming until later on when it is too late to stop them.It is a different story with adware remover. If you want to be protected from these threats, you need to arm yourself with an adware remover that blocks and prevents adware from getting into your system. The choice is ultimately yours.

You can opt for the software that should be installed into your computer if you anticipate more future adware intrusion. Or you can have the kind only prevents its existence once detected initially. Computers are not anymore safe from those who want to take advantage of another. With the endless and valuable information that they can achieve, you can expect them to come up with other means of conquering your privacy. You can also expect adware removers to be developed to solve these problems.

As long as there are adware out there, removers will be updated to combat them. You do not have to go back to the traditional method of keeping files and private information. As long as you have an adware remover, then you can rest assured that nobody and nobody will inside your system.

Book Collection Software - How to Start to Use It

If you’re an avid reader of books, chances are high that you have bookshelves and bookshelves of titles. And because you’re always looking for the next great book, you might head to your local bookstore on a weekly basis, only to come home with more books than you can read. After a while, you might begin to forget just what books you have, which books you’ve loaned to others, etc. With book collection software, you don’t have to worry about re-buying a book or about losing a book that you love. Here’s what book collection software can do for you.

Computers have made our lives easier. Not only can we shop online, but we can also begin to organize our lives online. With calendars and spreadsheets, we can begin to organize our time, so why not organize our bookshelves as well? Though you might think organizing your books is just about straightening the rows, with book collection software, you can organize your titles in an effort to figure out what you have and what you might need to add to your collection.

Book collection software works like this: it creates a database for you to begin to store your book titles. By simply taking your books off the shelf for a moment, you can begin to find out what you have. This software will access the details of each book from online sources, allowing you to easily have all the information you need about each book you own. Since you might forget the authors or the characters in the book, you might need this information if you need to find certain books for certain activities in your life.

If you want to share the books you’re reading with your friends and family, book collection software is a great idea. You can easily insert your books into the program and then make a list which can be printed or posted online in just minutes. This will help your friends and family see what books you like as well as what you might want to future holidays. And if your friends have the book collection software too, you can share ideas and suggestions for the next bookstore shopping trip.

You can also keep track of who you might have loaned a book to, allowing you to keep track of your own personal lending library. This way, when you’re stuck looking for a certain book, you won’t head out to the store just to buy it again. When a friend or family member has borrowed a book, all you need to do is to make a note in the software database. This is especially helpful when you have friends around the globe who like to exchange the latest hot novel.
With book collection software, you are able to keep track of even the largest book collection. It easily organizes the information you need about each book on your bookshelf and can help you share your love of reading with the rest of the world too.

Tips For Getting the Best Website Design For Your Money

Eventually every small-business owner realizes that they will need a website for their business, but figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Just understanding the technical lingo and all the options can be confusing, but with the right preparation you can have an impressive and easy to maintain website for your small business in no time.

Check the competition
The first place to start on your website project is to look at some competitor websites in your industry. You will want to know what your potential customers will comparing you to. You will also want to find out what the standard is for your industry in terms of the number of pages, the type of information and the general look and feel. If for example, your competitors have large sites and many interactive features then you will want your site be comparable, but if your competitors have small simple sites, then you know that you won’t need lots of bells and whistles.

Prepare your information
Before you meet with your web designer, gather some examples of competitor websites that you like. List what it is that you like and dislike about those sites. If you have any pamphlets or brochures for your business, have those ready for your designer as well. Choose some colors or have an idea of some color schemes that you like and if you have won any professional awards or have any important professional affiliations, put that information together because you will probably want to feature that on your website.

Do you need a content management system?
One important decision that you need to make about your website is whether or not you are going to need a content management system. Content management systems are typically used on larger sites, to control text, video, pictures etc. A content management system allows you to easily change and update the information on your site. This is useful for a website on which, for example staff photos and bios are added often or a newsletter archive is maintained.
If you anticipate making many changes on your website, a content management system can save you time and money. With a content management system, the owner of the site can make the changes as needed, without having to wait for a web designer or webmaster to make the changes for them. This can be a very important feature because it allows you to keep your website current at all times so you’re making the best possible presentation to your customer. It can save you money because you will not have to pay your web designer to make the updates for you.

Typically, a website that is more than 15 pages would be a good candidate for a content management system. The more information you have on your website the greater the chances are that you are going to need to keep that information updated. If your website is less than 15 pages, you probably will not need a content management system.

WordPress as a content management system for small business
WordPress is popular as a content management system for small businesses for several reasons. One it is that it is relatively easy to use. You do not need to be versed in HTML or any other programming language to handle WordPress. There are also many training videos and materials available on the Internet and also a number of plug-ins so that you can customize the software for your needs. WordPress is also useful for blogging which can help to keep your website information up to date. If you would like to show up higher in the search results, then WordPress is a good choice for that as well. Google has stated that WordPress is one of the easiest systems to crawl so it can help you come up higher in the search engine results.

When you begin planning for your small business web site, start by checking competitor websites in your industry. This will give you an idea of approximately how many pages you will need as well as what type of features you will want on your site. Your goal will be to have your website look as good as, or better than your competitor’s.

By planning ahead and knowing what your potential customers will be comparing you with, deciding how large you want your site to be, and what type of features you will need, you will be equipped to get the best possible website for your small business.

Google Adwords, Money Machine from Google

Adwords is a small ad that appears on the right side of search results using the search engine Google. This method is a very effective ad and imposing as the ads you see will be 100% right with the "keyword" that you type in when searching.

This is the modern method of advertising. For advertisers, he does not know how the cost should remove it because all depends on the number of clicks on the advertisement. This is one of the Google ingeniousness to let advertiser with each other in an effort to offer higher prices to get the "keyword" that they choose.

With PPC ads, an online business is now worth a quick high because the system is truly representative of what's called "supply and demand." With PPC ads can also google the business online become icons of success and created many new millionaire good new for the success to promotion, as mediation and Adwords users as Adsense as media campaigns. All benefit equally.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Make Chrome So Fast?

Browser made Google, Chrome is the assistant who craftily. Browser as a suspected espionage that can work quickly. When displaying a page or run a script, Chrome is able to beat competitors, Firefox and Internet Explorer. HTML pages can be displayed two times faster and even Javascript capable display up to six times faster. What makes Chrome so fast?

In fact the extra speed generated by the new browser is taken from another machine. Chrome is the main engine WebKit, an HTML Rendering Library. This machine was developed by Apple as a base for their safari browser. Rendering Engine is a function to display the website in the browser as a page built with HTML language. WebKit is also applied on the mobile phone is very slow because built a slim with programming and memory load is optimal, giving a faster speed.

Powerful V8 engine which, Javascript Quick Over Six Kal. Internet is not only built from HTML, but also other elements such as Javascript. With web based applications like Google Docs, the browser work overall program and this requires great resource. The necessary energy is taken from Google's V8 Javascript Engine that was developed and optimized unruk speed with certain tricks. Engine provides a hidden class that will be the same object group. If the item is required then access more quickly than using the normal access. Memory Management on the V8 makes sparing enough time. Instruction is given directly to the machine code and processed by the CPU slim.

Each process is only to give time in a matter of milliseconds. However, when running millions of times, additional speed is quite significant. In addition, the Chrome deprogram a genius. When writing data in the browser's hard disk (for instance in the cache), the browser will make the process itself. In this way, a slow hard disk will not affect the speed of the browser. Chrome also offers the new browser in the world, namely Prefetching DNS. Work in the background, this function is the link that translates IP address to be forwarded to a page at the website. So when we go to a link, Chrome will save time in searching addresses in the DNS server.

Download Google Chrome ... ... Click Here

Microsoft Mouse, Ready to take on the All Surface.

Lights blink-meshed blue in normal mouse we have met. However, the only indicator that functions as the mouse is active. Now, Microsoft has provided a function for the blue LED. Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse for mobile applications using the Blue Track Technology to scan the surface. His method, emanated the light beam width, and arrested again by large sensor. In this way, the mouse can work on a surface such as a lack of support sofa, granite, or magazine. Previous laser mouse model can not work on a surface like this.

Conversely, the second mouse model Microsoft is working very well and very helpful for people with fear a table. Condition, the PC stays on the radius of about 5 meters distance This is because the range of 2.4 GHz radio frequency. Unfortunately, Microsoft forgot casing in accordance with this sophisticated technology. Mouse Wheel does not revolve lancer and effect, without giving feedback. Button for the thumb hidden in difficult to reach a point of emphasis and less comfortable.

Mouse can be well. This mouse is very sensitive because his cursor can sway own. Mouse Price is about U.S. $ 100.

Health Research Using Nitendo Wii

University Student from Caveland State University, USA) to perform research using video game such as prominent tool. They use Nitendo Wii Platform with prominent destination to compare calorie level that burned with use Wii and boxing gloves. This research can realized because Nitendo Wii need moving player to play the game not like another video game who just need finger player to play the game.

Thirty university student follow that research and they all play the Wii Boxing game. Every game session to go on 30 minutes with followed physic test to count output calories at they play that game. Every university student completed with oxygen analytic tool, electrocardiograf,, and pedometer to count his foot step.

The final result, output effort at they play the game compare the physical practice during 30 minutes is near equal. This research is very useful because it can avoid obesitas in USA.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do you want to hide web browsing with unite Opera Tor Browser and Polipo? With Opera Tor, nothing data that saved in computer or memory.

Opera Tor is internet browser application that make you can surfing in internet site without identify. Opera Tor portable version is completed with Tor which integration service, make you can surfing in the web without knew IP address.

Using Opera Tor is very easy. Just download Opera Tor in zip form (7 MB) and extract to flash drive then you can surfing in public and web, so that make your computer safe.

Opera Tor work good and fast. Loading speed web pages is very impressive., the sites full picture and animation can quick opened. Speed in Opera Tor is very fast because it using Polipo, a small proxy web caching who installed in Opera Tor. At open site, Opera Tor just needs 22 seconds to open one full pages. Your privacy is safe at your browsing. Opera Tor developer in them official sites said , just HTTP and HTTPS which can hided y Tor, so you should be avoid using Javascript so that your computer safe.

To internet users and paranoid web, Opera Tor must be tried.


World Hacking Conference, Black Hat has been opened a lot of story about any weakness software and computer application, among others is security hole in ones Google Application, Goggle Gadget.

Hacker can install Google Gadget, then they can read all victim’s search history after dangerous gadget has been installed in certain situation. Hacker can attack Google Gadget and then we phising username, victim’s passwords, etc.

Robert Hansen (RSnake), founder security consultant See Theory said that the greatest threat users is someone who use email application from Google, Gmail, because the service email with this basic web compel you to login.

Gadgets can attacks another gadgets , potential impact from attacking hacker to pass robbery cookies, theft sensitive data from gadget, or user Google gadgets also can attack others.
Various hacker attacks is very wide, begin from phising until cross-site request forgery (at users follow a link or click a form and without intentional, aimed to third side which full with malware.

So, please prepare your computer with defense software such as firewall, antivirus, until internet security.
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